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Building Your Webpage 👷

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After you have become a contributing member and logged in, the next thing you may want to do is set up your webpage on our site. This is a freeform page (you set it up any way you want).

Don’t have the time or the know-how to do up a webpage? Contact the administrator of what you want to be done accompanied by the content and you will get a quote. Or if you do have the time, you can use the instructions below to design your own webpage.

  1. If you go to My Content in the main navigation for the first time you will see the “Your business page has been successfully created!” message. The new page will be in draft mode (not published and not accessible for viewing) and can only be accessed via the editor.
  2. In the My Content page and below your page title, you should see a pencil icon, selecting it will open the page editor.
  3. My Content editor;
    1. Title – your page title, default is your display or user name at the time of registration. It is recommended to edit this to be your full business name. Changing this does not affect the page URL (web address).
    2. Status – draft, private, or published, default is draft, only change this to published when your page is ready to be published. Changing this to private mode will allow only you (and the administrator) to view the page.
    3. Content – clear out the default welcome message and add your own content.
      • You can add images and formatted text here.
      • Keep in mind that it is a single page (poster) meant to inform customers of your services (think a single sheet of paper), please do not add too many images or write too much text.
    4. Select featured image – adds a thumbnail image to your page link in the Member Pages. It is recommended to set this before publishing your page.
      1. From Computer – if you have not already uploaded an image, use this to get an image into your Media Library.
      2. Media Library – If you already have the image uploaded then select this option.
      3. Show – choose this link for the image you want to set.
      4. Use as featured image – select this link (near the bottom) and then close the Select featured image window. The thumbnail image does not change until after you select save under actions.
    5. Actions – Save, and Cancel. Choose the ‘save’ option, then after it is saved, select cancel to exit the editor.
  4. When the page is ready, you set its status to publish, save, and now the public can now access it.

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